Performance Bridge Media

Binghamton, NY


Performance Bridge is a specialized in digital customer acquisition strategies for national brands. Utilizing our extensive experience in a tactic based strategies, we test and scale across a variety of digital channels to find the best solutions.

list 5 features that showcase your business:

  • An engaged team. The work life balance way of life is encouraged and reinforced, which we believe creates a much better and productive team on a day to day.
  • All digital team – experts in the digital arena, not a TV/Radio shop that is learning digital and its current trends.
  •  Extensive experience with a core team that has been performing digital acquisition strategies for years.
  •  Client continuity is critical to our long-term success and speaks to our success. We pride ourselves on our long-standing client relationships.

list 5 unique things that make your business “special”:

  • Aggressive negotiating tactics to ensure our clients receive pricing to allow for success where others can’t. 
  • Client continuity is critical to our long-term success and speaks to our success.We view it as a partnership.
  • With our years of experience we know and have tested a multitude of tactics that are ahead of our industry.
  • We get involved in our client’s business. We learn their business inside-out.
  • Geographic proximity to New York – in three hours I can hop in my car and be in mid-town Manhattan for a client or vendor meeting.

why is having your business/career in Broome County a good choice?

Broome County provides easy access to New York City, with the benefits of continuity of the workforce, lower overhead and significantly better life work balance. As c company that has had offices in multiple cities, we’ve found that the benefits of the Broome County office have shown over the years to be a cornerstone in our ability to secure and train a workforce that provides best of class service to our clients.


a good life.

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