William H. Lane Incorporated

Binghamton, NY


William H. Lane Incorporated was founded in 1967 by current CEO William H. Lane. The company specializes in general construction, construction management and design/build services. William H. Lane Incorporated demonstrates a commitment to education.

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Through the next five decades the firm has climbed successfully from plateau to plateau, diversifying its portfolio to include General Construction, Construction Management and Design/Build projects. Today William H. Lane Incorporated specializes in Healthcare, Retail, Commercial, Educational and Manufacturing projects throughout the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic regions of the U.S.

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William H. Lane Incorporated cares about the community and giving back. William H. Lane Incorporated has had a long and proud history serving the construction industry based upon an excellent reputation of working effectively to satisfy customers' needs in Broome County. For half a century, William H. Lane Incorporated has demonstrated how attention to the changing needs of a growing and diverse clientele can lead to success.

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Binghamton is a central location in both New York State and the Northeast. The location of our headquarters in Binghamton has allowed us to manage countless projects in the wider geographic area. Broome County is also the base of operation for many architecture and engineering firms and is home to a wealth of skilled tradespeople, all of which are necessary for a construction management firm to be successful.


a good life.

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