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company: Dutch Hill Creamery

product: Local Dairy Products

location: 114 Knapp Hill Rd. Chenango Forks, NY

owners: Brian and Jim Aukema

opened: 2013

The Product

In a nutshell, what is your product all about?

Creamline milk that is pasteurized, not homogenized...it's milk like the old days. Our line of products include cheese curds (13 flavors) - fresh cheddar that has not been aged at all, European Style yogurt (7 flavors) - no additives and no stabilizers in it, and milk (2 flavors) - as close to raw milk as you can get.

How can people get it?

At our store at the farm, at the Cornell Cooperative Extension of Broome County Farmers Market, at the Old Barn Hallow on214 State St, Binghamton NY, and at the Country Wagon Produce-Route 26, Maine, NY.

The Story behind The Product

Where are you originally from?

My parents are from NJ, well actually, my father is from Holland. He came to NYC when he was 3 and was on the cover of the NY Times as his family was photographed disembarking in NYC.

When and why did you decide to move to Broome?

Both of my parents grew up in farms in NJ and after they got married, they wanted to start their own agriculture journey. They were a young couple, 24 and 26 years old, and they felt it was time to spread their wings. So, when looking for land, Broome county offered a good amount at an affordable price.

What was the reason why you guys chose to start your business?

So the farm was started back in 1967 by my parents, but my brother and I wanted to expand into more of a product line. We didn’t want to produce here to then sell to other brands outside the county. Our goal was to serve our local community with high quality, delicious dairy products. So in 2010, we decided to move forward and create the creamery.

What was the process like, starting a business and challenges you encountered along the way?

First we looked into buying equipment. In order to do that, we developed a business plan and applied for a business loan. Within approximately two years, we were up and running.

How did you get your product into people’s minds?

Mostly social media. The newspapers picked up our story pretty quickly because we were the first in our county to offer local dairy products. We could feel the excitement.

What has been your experience now that you have been opened for 5 years?

It has been incredible. We have received such a positive response. People love our products and they often ask “what do we do that makes it taste so good?” Our answer is simple, we don't do anything but take the time to produce a unique and high quality product. It might also have to do with the fact that we love our animals. We know each cow by name. So that love and care clearly produces good results. I believe it is because of this, our sales have increased in all of our product lines. Hard work, commitment to quality, and commitment to providing great products for our local community.

So, what’s next for Dutch Hill Creamery?

We are looking to expand our equipment line into larger units so we can increase our production capacity.

Check them out at dutchhillcreamery.com


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