Eugenie Zynda

Restaurant Owner @ The Shop

lives in: Binghamton, NY

Hometown: Middlebury, CT

why did you choose to live/work in Broome County?

It is a healthy and affordable place to grow a business and family.

how have you found your professional experience here?

I get to do what I love everyday - I get to build a beautiful space, create food and drinks that are unique and beautiful, all the while running a successful business. For me, it is the perfect work/play life.

how has your personal life benefited from living/working here?

We have a much improved work/play balance from the NYC grind.  We are able to maintain an adventurous lifestyle of travel and outdoor recreation.  We are able to build a successful business, while keeping the creativity flowing.  It is fulfilling to have an amazing community of friends, artists, academics and fellow entrepreneurs to be a part of.  We are able to plan for a home and family

list 5 - 10 benefits of living in Broome County:

  • Affordable real-estate market for smart investment
  • Minimal living expenses allow for saving and planning for long-term stability
  • Growing, creative and forward-thinking community
  • Resources available for new business start-ups
  • Lifestyle/livability: Outdoor recreation, college-town vibe, art scene, community activities, clean air and water
  • Healthy and comfortable place to raise a family
  • Creative fellow entrepreneurs to collaborate with
  • Accessible, community-oriented local government

how would you recommend Broome County to someone looking to relocate?

Great location: between NYC and Upstate region. You can access the Adirondack Mountains, Finger Lakes wine region, NYC, Long Island beaches, Montreal etc.  Plus, healthy, growing, creative and forward-thinking community with beautiful rolling hills, farms and rivers  and an affordable real-estate market!


a good life.

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