Stephen Smyk

CEO @ Performance Bridge Media

lives in: Vestal, NY

Hometown: Binghamton, NY

why did you choose to live/work in Broome County?

Having lived in the Washington, DC area and then in New York City, there was little work life balance. We decided that the geographic location of Broome County was great for us to be able to access metropolitan areas whenever we want, but had the community aspects that we weren’t expiring in metropolitan areas.

how have you found your professional experience here?

My professional experience in the area has been great. With the highly educated workforce, we’ve been able to teach and train a number of folks about our business. In an industry where employee turnover is commonplace, we’ve been able to attract and retain our workforce, allowing us to provide seamless support to our clients.

how has your personal life benefited from living/working here?

Broome County has been great for my family life. Having two children, we are able to participate in many family activities that were difficult to do in more metropolitan areas. The freedom from a commute and the proximity of local parks have allowed me to not only make the kids theater events, but has allowed me to coach their softball and basketball teams.

list 5 - 10 benefits of living in Broome County:

  • A true community with history and a great cross section of cultures.
  • Great schools – from elementary school to Post Graduate degrees.
  • Great location to metropolitan areas in a suburban community.
  • Many cultural and entertainment opportunities close by and/or within a short drive.  
  • All the great out of doors opportunities minutes away – running, hiking, skiing, etc., while reading the benefits of a small city – theaters, shopping, restaurants, etc.

how would you recommend Broome County to someone looking to relocate?

The combination of geographic location with the benefits that an educated community and a low cost of living makes Broome Country a great place to live!


a good life.

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